Si fuera tan huevona como Carrie…

New York city. As warmer days roll around and Spring thaws out the cold hearts of many a Manhattanite, the parade of overly attached couples seems inescapable and never-ending. How is it that in a city so aggressively fast-paced and self absorbed, where people can barely spare five minutes from their busy schedules for an iced chai latte on-the-go, so many men and women found the time to meet? There they are, right in front of me, walking hand in hand, with smiles as bright as these days are long: couples. Couples everywhere. Glowing with puppy-love gleam against the otherwise black-and-white crowd. Sticking out like a crimson, freshly-wacked thumb.

And then there’s me. Sitting by myself in an uptown café, unable to even consider the daunting venture of dating anew over my chocolate almond croissant. The mere idea of getting to know someone all over again, somebody new, is exhausting. But what does that mean? Am I shutting people down from the get-go because I’m still tired from my last relationship, or do I actually wish to remain unattached? There’s a bright side to freedom, and it’s even brighter in the Spring, not to mention the Summer. And still… there’s a nagging little voice inside my head I can’t seem to shake off.

Am I enjoying being a Spring fling queen, or am I just waiting for the king to claim back the throne?
I couldn’t help but wonder… is it me or was it him?



(Qué divertido fue hacer esto, csm 🙊).

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