I have always known this to be

              f   r     a      g        i        l            e

the house denial built


like we knew it would

and yet…

there I sit

a demon

eating my own tail

gnawing back at me from the inside.

Land has parted        deep

              m   a     s      s        i        v            e

from within

a wellspring of sympathy

gushes out         glasslike



what is ripening here

what has rotten

our foundation.

Ground shakes.

Ground breaks.

It sobs          loudly

«I wanted to be

all those things for you»

It wails the world to sleep

a shroud for covers

little blue heart embroidered on it.

Horizon can be seen

its distance can be known

bu t       i  t    s             w      e        i          g             h               t

as unbearable as tomorrow

and always a day


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